Thursday, June 30, 2011

Strawberry Cupcakes

This is one of my favorite cakes that my Mother in law makes. I turned into a cupcake. BOTH are DELISH!!!
You will need:
1 Pkg White cake mix
1 Pkg Danish Dessert
1 Pkg Fresh strawberries
1 8 oz. Pkg of Cream Cheese
1 16 oz. Tub of Cool Whip
2 cups Powdered Sugar
Step 1: Bake Cakes
Step 2: Cream frosting while cakes are cooking. Refrigerate.
Step 3: Follow Danish Dessert instructions for Glaze. Chop up fresh strawberries.
Step 4: When the cakes are cooled poke holes in the top of the cakes with a straw and spoon glaze/strawberry mix over top.
Step 5: Put cakes in the refrigerator for at least an hour - or the freezer if you are short on time.
Step 6: Pipe frosting onto cupcakes and garnish with strawberry.

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